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The community of Wanda Łyczkowska Primary School in Ostojów took part in an unconventional welcoming ceremony, during which the participants of the Comenius study visit in Turkey presented their impressions after the stay in Izmir. Turkish music, sweet Turkish delight, as well as the presentation of the customary hand washing let the students, teachers and school staff feel - just for a while - as if they had been in Turkey. During the meeting everybody had a chance to see a film presenting the study visit and to hear about the schools which were visited by our teachers. There was also a presentation of gifts brought from the trip, the Koran in English, among others.


From 17th to 22nd November, as a part of the Comenius Multilateral Project - Lifelong Learning Programme - being carried out in Wanda Łyczkowska Primary School in Ostojów, four teachers from our school took part in the study visit in Izmir, Turkey. The meeting with partners from Slovakia an Turkey, who are also taking part in a project „Better Methodology, Better Technology, Better Teaching”, was a perfect occasion to exchange some experience connected with the application of the project-based learning method, the use of information technology for the efficient school management and the cooperation with some external institutions for the benefit of students. The participants of the study visit had an opportunity to find out about the teachers' working style, as well as the work organization in several Turkish schools. They visited a primary school, a junior high school, a secondary school and a private educational institution -  Geditz University. The programme of the visit also included a trip to the ancient city of Ephesus and to the House of Virgin Mary. The participation in the project like this one gives the teachers the opportunity to go beyond their own environment or country and to develop themselves in confrontation with others. During the aforementioned visit close attention was paid to the similarities and differences in partner schools work. The meeting resulted in working out the mind map, as well as the personal pyramid of values for every participant.

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