Ostojów and UJK

On 26th November 2013 the principal of Wanda Łyczkowska Primary School attended a meeting with the academics from the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce. The purpose of the discussion was to establish the principles of the school cooperation with the University, which was originated as a part of the Comenius project. During the meeting the participants determined the preliminary conditions of the experience exchange between the academics and science and maths teachers from our school. The development of maths sciences and the University research will facilitate our teachers to define our students' educational prospects. The idea lying behind all those activities is life-long learning, specified by the Comenius programme. Our next tasks are to adapt some new solutions for the efficient school management and to cooperate with some external institutions, such as the University.

The former result of the cooperation with the University was additional English classes for young learners conducted by the university students last year. There were also some educational prevention classes, as well as workshops for teachers: 'How to teach in order to teach effectively - individual learning strategies.' One could also read several articles on mathematical education for young learners, which were reviewed by senior researchers from the University.

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