At our school we believe that children learn best through rich experiences and by learning to take responsibility for their learning. To this end we enable a varied curriculum, with strong emphasis on well-known and acknowledged pedagogic theories. The scholars whose theories we takie into accout during our everyday work are: Edgar Dale, Abraham Maslow, R. A. Webber, Dariusz Tarczyński, Tony Buzan, Paul Dennison, Lew Wygotski and Howard Gardner. We are strongly convinced that with such theorethical basis we enable our students to develop in their own unique ways.



Education has changed since the school’s beginnings, and we are proud now of our inclusive and broad curriculum. We see children’s education as much more than purely academic, that is why particular emphasis is placed on their overall development. We achieve our aims through different classes and projects, such as language, science, sporting  and artistic classes, a range of after school clubs, the Comenius Project,  pedagogic innovations ( e.g. individualization in foreign language learning), online lectures for parents, various performances, extensive off-site trips, etc.

The school also invests strongly in staff, ensuring that we can support the needs of all pupils, whatever the may be. While supporting children in their educational and emotional needs, we also instil in pupils the life skills of self reliability, independence and responsibility, as well as team-work.

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