This year our school has started the realization of the Comenius Multilateral Project - Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP), which has been planned to be implemented  in the years 2013-2015. The title of the project is 'Better Methodology, Better Technology, Better Teaching'. Our school is the originator and the coordinator of the project and our partners are two foreign schools, one from Slovakia and the other one from Turkey. The main aim of the project is to develop our schools as educational environments through their efficient management, as well as to create the possibility of wide and various cooperation for the teachers. During the project implementation the participating schools will exchange the experience within the scope of work with the use of the Project-based learning, the use of information technology for the efficient school management and the cooperation with some external institutions such as counselling centres, education centres, universities and cultural institutions. The actions within the framework of the Project have been divided into individual ones implemented in each country in accordance with the specificity of the target group, and into common ones (implemented in the same way in each country) as well as into actions taken up during the partner visits. The results of the Project will include: establishing close cooperation with the institutions supporting educational actions; extension of the educational offer with activities being beyond mandatory curriculum based on the cooperation with the institutions from outside the school; development and dissemination of interdisciplinary worksheets for extracurricular classes for the primary school students; exchange of experiences within the work with the use of Project-based learning; familiarization with IT tools in different school systems. In November the teachers from our school are visiting the partner school in Izmir - the third largest city in Turkey.

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